Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sweatmix, rollz & rox

It's spring and you should be out there enjoying yourself. Ride a bike (like Zooey), run, walk, fly a kite, whatever, just GO!

This sweatmix is all about alt/indie rock and it totally works out.

Hope it helps. Share it with a friend.

-- Luvstanx

9:09pm, Apr 20 from Blip.fm

Longpigs – "Far" #sweatmix #walkinghttp://blip.fm/~p09xz

The Cribs – "We Share The Same Skies"#sweatmixhttp://blip.fm/~p09n3

The Rakes – "The World Was A Mess But His Hair Was Perfect" #sweatmixhttp://blip.fm/~p09d5

The Libertines – "Can't Stand Me Now"#sweatmixhttp://blip.fm/~p09au

little man tate - "she looked like Audrey Hepburn" #sweatmixhttp://blip.fm/~p093r

The Electric Soft Parade – "Life In The Back-Seat" #sweatmixhttp://blip.fm/~p08q7

Interpol – "Say Hello to the Angels" #sweatmixhttp://blip.fm/~p08nc

Apollo Sunshine – "Brotherhood Of Death"#sweatmixhttp://blip.fm/~p08kz

Surfer Blood – Swim (To Reach the End)#sweatmixhttp://blip.fm/~p08hx

Pela – "Lost To The Lonesome" #sweatmix#runninghttp://blip.fm/~p08e5

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